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100 Queens Park Circle
Toronto, Ontario

A club for people interested in collecting and learning about the science of minerals. 

Past Talks

October 2013 - The Geological and Mineralogical Beauty of Labrador with Prof. Mike Hamilton

Len Buchanan

Professor Hamilton shared his love of the geology of Labrador through photos, nice specimens, and of course his talk.

The preserved record of the geological evolution of Labrador spans almost 4 billion years (about 85% of Earth history) and its rocks tell a rich story of plate tectonic rift, drift, subduction and amalgamation into its present day configuration within the rest of the Canadian Shield.

Labrador is rich in many types of mineral deposits, including those for uranium and for (newly discovered) rare earth minerals. With the recent expansion of transportation infrastructures and in established (Torngat) and proposed (Mealy Mountains) national parks, the region offers a wealth of opportunity for nature and mineral enthusiasts.

Professor Hamilton engendered a desire in those present, to see Labrador's geology in person - he was very contagiously enthusiastic about this great, old land.