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100 Queens Park Circle
Toronto, Ontario

A club for people interested in collecting and learning about the science of minerals. 

Peacock Prize

The Peacock Memorial Prize is an award in memory of Dr. M. A. Peacock, who was a professor of crystallography and mineralogy at the University of Toronto, and a founding member of the Walker Club.

The Walker Mineralogical Club encourages the study of mineralogy and allied sciences. One of the ways in which we do this is to make an annual award to a deserving student currently attending a Canadian university or college. The student should be engaged in the study of pure or applied mineralogy, including crystallography, petrology, or geochemistry at the graduate level.

Any school interested in participating is encouraged to contact the vice-president of the Walker Mineralogical Club for more information.

Only one application per school is allowed per year.

Peacock Memorial Prize Winners

1947 Albert R. Graham
1950 Ronald James Arnott (U of Manitoba)
1952 Robert James Traill (Queens U)
1953 Ernest H. Nickel (McMaster, U of Chicago)
1955 Dr. C.E. Hewlett (UofBC, U of Wisconsin)
1958 Robert Lynn Moxham (McMaster)
1959 John Gittins (UofT) .
1960 Dr. Joseph Edmund Patchett (UofT)
1962 Dr. Stearns Anthony Morse (McGill)
1963 Dr. Edgar Frank Cruft
1963 Mr. J.D. MacGregor
1964 Anthony R. Philpotts (McGill)
1968 R. Kuehnbaum (UofT)
1968 Douglas Cant (UofT)
1970 John E. Galbraith
1970 Zenon L. Mandziuk
1971 Naomi Altman
1971 John McLennan
1972 Dave Brace
1972 Ken Raven
1975 University of Toronto Equipment Purchase
1976 University of Toronto Equipment Purchase
1977 John Reeve (UofT)
1977 Debora J. Artinian (Brock University)
1979 University of Toronto Equipment Purchase
1981 James DeWitt Twyman
1983 Graham Donald Layne (UofT)
1986 Mike Jones (UofW)
1988 Philip Gauer (Haileybury)
1988 Cindy Goodhue (Haileybury)
1989 Andrew M. McDonald (UofO)
1990 James Crawford (Queens U)
1991 Michael (Mike) B. Irwin (Queens U)
1993 Trevor Boyd (UofT)
1994 Antonio Simonetti (Carlton U)
1996 Mary Garland-Kruz (UofT)
1998 Paula Piilonen (UofO)
2000 Alexander Blyth (UofW)
2001 Jennifer Anderson (Queens U)
2002 Jacob Hanley (UofT)
2004 Laurel Basciano (Queens U)
2005 Christopher White (UofT)
2006 Alexandre Aubin (University of Western Ontario)
2007 Adrian van Rythhoven (UofT)
2008 Mathew R. Izawa (University of Western Ontario)
2009 Jennifer Kyle (UofT)
2011 Michael Makahnouk (University of Waterloo)
2013 Monika Haring (Laurentian University)
2015 Phillipe Belley (University of B.C.)
2016 Cedrick O'Shaughnessy2017 (U of T)

2017 Freya George (Carleton University)