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100 Queens Park Circle
Toronto, Ontario

A club for people interested in collecting and learning about the science of minerals. 


-Compiled and interpreted by D.K. Joyce

The following notes have been gleaned from the archives of the club; old correspondence, newsletters, meeting minutes, records, etc. I have tried to verify all the details, which have also been reviewed by many members of the club in an effort to ensure they are as accurate and thorough as possible.

The Walker Mineralogical Club is named in Honour of Prof. Emeritus T. L. Walker(1867 - 1942) who was Professor of Mineralogy and Petrography at the University of Toronto from 1901-1937 and Director (first) of the Royal Ontario Museum of Mineralogy, 1912-1937.

Organization of the WMC made possible the financial sustenance of “Contributions to Canadian Mineralogy (C.C.M)” when the U. of T. withdrew financial support at that time. Contributions to Canadian Mineralogy was a compilation of technical papers outlining research, largely Canadian, at universities and institutions.


January 14: The Walker Mineralogical Club(W.M.C.) held its first recorded meeting on this date...The meeting was held at the ROM with Prof. Parsons in the chair... Officers for that first year were:

Honorary President Prof. M.A.Peacock
President Prof. A.L.Parsons
Sec. Treas. W.E.Chantler
Councillor for Members H.C.Rickaby
Councillor for Dept. of Mines Prof. E.Thompson
Councillor for Student Members J.S.Allen

Note: There has been some controversy over the actual “official” year that the WMC started. There is no doubt that preparatory work was started in 1937 and that discussions no doubt took place that year and perhaps earlier and perhaps Professor Walker himself was involved in the conceptualization, even though he was retired. However, the first meeting and record of the club did take place in 1938 and so that must be recognized as the time the club did, in fact, start.

...Also present at that first meeting were V.B.Meen, L.G.Berry, A.S.Dadson, J.B.Ferguson...At that time, it was planned to hold four meetings per year...Dues were $1.00, $0.50 for students!!...Minutes of that meeting indicate that “Object of the society shall be to encourage mineralogical, crystallographical and petrographical study in connection with the minerals and rocks of Canada and to provide a means of presenting the results of such research in a collected form (Ed. - Contributions to Canadian Mineralogy!)”.

June: Membership was two honorary members, 51 ordinary members and 9 student members. Members were from across the country as well as Ontario....Fredericton and Edmonton

December 9: Excerpt from C.C.M.; “On invitation by the Chairman and the Board of Trustees of the Royal Ontario Museum, the Club, with their wives and friends, was privileged to be present at the formal opening of the Crystal Cave in the Royal Ontario Museum of Mineralogy on December 9, 1938, and afterwards a reception was given by the Chairman and the Board of Trustees in honour of the Walker Mineralogical Club. Dr. J.B. O'Brien, Mrs. H.D. Warren and Professor A.L. Parsons received the guests.
Presiding at the tea table in the library of the Museum of Mineralogy were Lady Falconer, Mrs. H.J. Cody, Mrs. Sigmund Samuel and Mrs. E.S.Moore. Those assisting were Miss Harriet Parsons, Mrs. V.B. Meen, Mrs. R.B. Burgess, Mrs. Jack Satterly, Mrs. George Langford, Miss Ruth Moore, Dr. Madeline Fritz, Mrs L.S. Russell, Mrs. V.J. Okulitch and Mrs. M.A. Peacock.”


Membership totalled 221 members, 17 student members, 3 honorary members

December 14: Dr. Jack Satterly gave a talk on “War Minerals” to the meeting of the W.M.C. (We would now call these minerals “strategic minerals” – Ed.).


The WMC was very much a University of Toronto institution. Meetings were held at the ROM.

Lecturers during the ‘40s...J. Satterly, G. Waite, F. Ebbutt, Prof. M.A. Peacock, E.W. Nuffield, R.B.Ferguson, Dr. F.N. Pough, C.E.Michener, M.H. Froberg, C. F. Frondel

Field trips during 40s visited Bancroft/Madoc area, Haliburton/Wilberforce


(Excerpt from C.C.M, 1941, Page 149) “It was moved by Prof. Parsons and seconded by Prof. Peacock that in view of the fact that many student members of the W.M.C. were engaged on Thursday, both afternoon and evening, in military training, the Council be instructed to arrange meetings for the year on some other day.”


Prof. A.L Parsons was made Honorary President. L. Moyd joined the W.M.C.


M.H. Frohberg and P. Zodac (Editor of Rocks and Minerals Magazine) joined the Club.


F. Joubin, well known prospector and geologist, joined the W.M.C. Dr. V.B. Meen, writes letter to the Deputy Minister of Revenue for Taxation, to apply for tax deductible status for the Walker Club Prize(later known as the Peacock Prize).


C. Palache was made an Honorary Member


“Walker Club Prize” was established and offered for the first time. The prize was for the “best scientific paper on pure or applied mineralogy(including crystallography and petrology)”. See excerpt from C.C.M. 1947. The efforts to establish the prize were largely contributed by Frank Ebbutt, Percy Hopkins and Dr. Hans Frohberg and they were strongly supported by Prof. M.A. Peacock.

First Walker Club Prize awarded to Mr. A.R. Graham, M.A., Queen’s University for his paper “X-Ray Study of Chalcosiderite and Turquoise” (See extract from Canadian Mineralogist, No. 51, 1946 which outlines rules at the time.)

A letter was received from the Rochester Academy of Science, Rochester, New York, suggesting a joint field trip be held in Ontario.

Mr. R.B. Ferguson joined the W.M.C. council as Councilor for Student Members.

(Excerpt from Contributions to Canadian Mineralogy) “Field Trip, July 5-6, 1947, On the week-end of July 5-6 the club was joined by the Mineral Group of the Rochester Academy of Science, Rochester, New York., on a collecting trip to the mineral localities of Bancroft and Madoc in Hastings County, Ontario. With about twenty members from each group, the Princess Quarry (sodalite), the McDonald Quarry, several fluorite mines and other occurrences were successfully visited.”

February Meeting -Dr, C.E. Michener presented a talk titled “Zoning of the Fugitive Ore Minerals at Sudbury”.

Hatfield Goudey joined the W.M.C.

The W.M.C. conducts a fund raising drive in the mining industry to raise money for the principle fund of the Walker Mineralogical Club Prize. Some of the companies and individuals who donated were:

International Nickel Co. of Canada
Percy E. Hopkins(Consultant)
Noranda Mines Ltd.
Madsen Red Lake Gold Mines Ltd.
Leitch Gold Mines Ltd.
O'Brien Gold Mines Ltd.
Winstall Diamond Corporation


Contributions to Canadian Mineralogy ceased in its form at that time and, in 1949, commencing with Volume 5, Part 1 it became published as part of the American Mineralogist....It remained that way until 1955.

October 15-17: The WMC met at Kingston, Ontario, for the annual collecting trip. Dr. J.E. Hawley and Dr. L.G. Berry led the field trip to collect Quartz crystals and pegmatite minerals within a 50 mile radius of Kingston.


Membership started to expand to include the community at large, private citizens, etc.

Lecturers included…Mr. D.H.Gorman, Dr. V.B. Meen, F. Ebbut, M.H. Frohberg, E.B. Tiffany, E.W. Nuffield, M. Seward and G. Perrault.

Field Trips included…Gouverneur Area (Pierrepont, McLear Pegmatite, Balmat Zinc district and Loomis Talc deposits), Renfrew County(Craigmont, Quadeville), Forks of Credit, District of Columbia, Dundas Quarry, Haliburton area, Bancroft/Madoc area, Lundy's Lane, Kingston/Perth.


“Walker Club Prize” renamed the “Peacock Memorial Prize” in honour of Prof. M.A.Peacock.


Graduate student, Mr. D.H. Gorman spoke on “Mineral Identification” at the February meeting and on “The Secondary Uranium Minerals” at the March meeting.

Square Dances introduced to the evening activities of the annual field trip.

Dr. L.G. Berry, of Kingston, Ontario, began service as the Editor of Contributions to Canadian Mineralogy.


Peacock Memorial Prize awarded to R.J. Trail.


Dr. E.H. Nickel was winner of the Peacock Memorial Prize


WMC Council Executive:

Honorary Pres. Prof. A.L. Parsons
President R. Ford
Secretary W.H. Bush
Treasurer Mrs. M.H. Froberg
Editor Dr. L.G. Berry
Councilors L.G. Smith
D.H. Gorman
C.V.G. Phipps
Dr. V.B. Meen


WMC undertakes field trip to Cobalt area.



Peacock Memorial Prize valued at $200.00

The Mineralogical Association of Canada commenced publication of “Contributions” as “The Canadian Mineralogist”, an independent publication. Originally an annual publication, it has now grown to be an annual volume with several parts per year.


A number of people were active in the 60s in various positions on the executive including: S. Agro, Rita Blair, William E. Brokenshire, H. Dales, G. Dunfield, Dr. R.I. Gait, Dr. Donald Gorman, Heddy Hobberlin, Ed Hriskow, W.R.B. Ince, Dr. Joe Mandarino, Dr. V.B. Meen, Prof. Peter Peach, Cynthia Peat, J. Peat, E.A. Puddy, T. Rive, Kay Thompson, Hildegard Weltner, Dr. F. Wicks, and Ack Williams.


Dr. Joe Mandarino suggested recording a complete set of Contributions to Canadian Mineralogy on microfilm, copies of which could be sold to institutions.


WMC undertakes a field trip to the Lake Superior region of Ontario. The trip was co-ordinated by Dr. J. Mandarino and Dr. W. Tovell.


WMC takes a long field trip to Northern Ontario led by Dr. Walter M. Tovell, Curator of Geology, ROM and Prof. Peter Peach, Dept. of Geology, University of Toronto. Visits included the Cobalt area, the Haileybury School of Mines (Provincial Institute of Mining in those days), Matheson area, Timmins area and Temagami. The trip co-ordinators were Ed Puddy, Alex Miller, Alan Godfrey and Richard Herd. The report of the field trip was extensive and sounds like it was an excellent field trip.

The September meeting was a joint meeting of the WMC and the Canadian Gemological Association.


Walker Club Library was renamed The Morley E. Wilson Memorial Library. This was done because of Dr. Wilson’s long membership in the WMC, stature of work in the Geological Survey of Canada and the gift of his library to the WMC.

Student, S.D. Scott, spoke to the WMC on “Geology and Mineral Collecting in British Columbia”.

Walker Mineralogical Club looked for a new home. Casa Loma was chosen and a room rented to serve as a meeting place, library, and workshop.

Annual Banquet with speaker Neal Yedlin.

A team of experts from the ROM and the U. of T. carried out a definitive study of the Crown Jewels of Iran. For months, the team measured and photographed emeralds up to three inches across, diamonds up to 150-200 carats, jeweled gold thrones, crowns, tiaras and whole trunks of pearls and precious stones. The results of the study were unveiled at the second annual joint meeting of the WMC and the Canadian Gemological Association. Taking part in the presentation were Dr. V.B. Meen, Chief Mineralogist; G.G. Waite and E.B. Tiffany both research associates of the ROM and Prof. Peter Peach, U. of T. and B.A. Hinto, President, Gemological Association of Canada.


Dr. J. Mandarino presented a pictorial tour of the new ROM Mineralogical Gallery just prior to the official opening.

Opening ceremony for the WMC’s Edwin. J. Puddy Memorial room at Casa Loma on April 8. The club started using the room for study and other functions on October 28.

September Meeting: Mr. R.I. Gait presented a talk entitled “Diamond Prospecting in Tanzania”. The talk apparently gave rise to questions afterwards, particularly “Do you think Canada has diamonds and, if so, how should one set about finding them?”. Amazing! Twenty-five years later diamond pipes WERE found in the North West Territories!


WMC field trip to the Maritimes.


Central Canadian Federation of Mineralogical Societies (CCFMS) was formed and at a meeting in March of that year, the constitution of the CCFMS was finalized. The WMC
was one of founding member clubs.

Dr. J. Mandarino returns from a nine-month trip to Europe and reveals some details of his travels to the WMC at the Annual Banquet.

Another investigation was made to determine whether the Peacock Prize could be registered as a charitable foundation.

Mr. W. Peredery, student at the U.of T., spoke on “Evidence of Shock Metamorphism in the Sudbury Basin”.

Dr. Mandarino spoke at the October 21 meeting of the WMC on "Mineral Nomenclature" and the confusion that was resulting from 15,000 names for 2,000 valid species of minerals. Of course Dr. Mandarino eventually became the Chairman of the international group that decides on valid mineral names.

Junior Walker Club active. R. Fish was coordinating activities of the Junior club at the time.


A number of members were active on council and Club matters during the 70s including: Ross Anderson, Maureen Charlton, George Dunfield, Helen Driver, Joey Galt, D. Georgiadis, K. Georgiadis, Shirley Gibson, Dr. Donald Gorman, Mildred Hubler, Leslie-Anne Kennedy, Irwin Kennedy, Dennis Lea, R. Marsh, Bev Mikell, Mars Mikell, John Mitchele, Larry LaChapelle, Jim Nicholls, Brian Pelley, Cec Pettit, R. Reid, Ted Rive, R. Salter, Court Saunders, E. Somogyi, Dr. Peter Von Bitter, and Cliff Vickery.


WMC executive for 1970:

President Dr. R. I. Gait
Vice -Pres Jim Peat
Treasurer Ted Rive
Corr. Sec'y Mary Agro
Rec. Sec'y Gail Sakamoto
Editor Bill Ince
Past Pres George Dunfield
Councilors Ross Anderson
A.E. Williams
Bill Brokenshire
Ed Hriskow
Sam Agro
Cynthia Peat

Walker Mineralogical Club visits the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

WMC annual field trip was to the Lake Superior region, led by Dr. R. I. Gait.

Dr. J.J. Brummer, member, spoke on “The Geological Features of Yellowstone National Park”.


Dr. J. Mandarino appointed Honorary President.

Master copy of Microfilm of WMC's Contributions to Canadian mineralogy to be kept in the Vault of the ROM.

Paul Desautels, Curator of Mineralogy, Smithsonian Institution was the speaker at the Annual Banquet.

Bev and Mars Mikell joined the WMC.


WMC’s Morley Wilson Library donated to Brock University, St. Catherines, Ont., with the provision that the library be kept complete. The library consisted of more than 2,000 books, reports and maps that club members had used for years for various reasons.

Dr. J. Mandarino led a study group (limited to 15 people) to study crystallography, chemistry, optical properties and identification of minerals.

John Sinkankas was guest speaker at the October meeting on “Mineral Associations as an aid to Identification”.

Mr. Neal Yedlin was guest speaker at the Walker Club Annual Banquet again!.

WMC presents a display of club specimens and memorabilia in the ROM to help mark the 60th anniversary of the ROM. The title of the display was “Please Don't Call Them Rocks”.


WMC members participate in a field Trip to Spain.

Dr. D.H. Gorman leads a WMC study group once a week on Wednesdays, January through April. The study was really a mini course in mineralogy covering identification, crystallography, chemistry, etc. The workshop was in Dr. Gorman’s laboratory.

WMC registered as a Charitable Organization with Revenue Canada. ROM is beneficiary of assets of the WMC if dissolution occurs.

Dr. R. Gaines gave a talk to the November meeting on “Minerals of Brazil”.


Cynthia Peat, member, was made “A Fellow of the Royal Ontario Museum” in recognition of services performed.

WMC takes field trip to Sudbury area including an underground visit to the Copper Cliff -North Mine.

At the request of Prof. Nuffield, the WMC considers the use of funds from the Peacock Prize to purchase needed books and equipment for the U. of T. Mineralogy Dept.

Dr. D.H. Gorman conducts the Mineral Chemistry Workshop including laboratory chemical tests featuring flame and blowpipe analysis.

WMC honours Dr. “Digger” Gorman for contributions to professional and amateur mineralogy with a special evening at a regular WMC meeting.


WMC takes a field trip to Mexico including visits to Taxco, Queretero, San miguel D’Allende, Guanajuato, San Luis Potosi, Zacatecas, Durango and Chihuahua.

WMC moves out of the room at Casa Loma and disposes of books, etc., that were there.


Junior. Walker Club flounders and activities stop.

Dr. D. Gorman puts on his course “Principles of Mineralogy”. The course consisted of 12 lectures on mineralogy, including physical properties, mineral association, formation,
occurrence and a little crystallography.

A special exhibit of 22 of Vi Anderson’s photomicrographs was put on at the ROM.

The WMC undertakes a two-week field trip to Quebec and the Maritimes. The trip was organized by C. Vickery, and D. Gorman guided part of the tour in New Brunswick while Eldon George of Parrsboro led part of the Nova Scotia portion.


This was an active year with field trips to Marmoraton Mine, St. Hilaire, Dundas, Faraday mine, Wilberforce area and Forks of Credit. Court Saunders was the field trip chairman.

Dr. J. Satterly completes his work on “A Catalogue of the Ontario Localities Represented by the Mineral Collection of the Royal Ontario Museum” published as Ontario Geological Survey Miscellaneous paper number 70.

Dr. D. Gorman holds a Crystallography Course for WMC and other interested people.

Dr. J. Brummer has an article, “Canyon City Copper Slab”, published in the January issue of the Lapidary Journal.


Dr. D. Gorman holds a geology course. The course ran for ten consecutive Thursday evenings starting in January.

C. Saunders and Cliff Vickery investigated the possibilities of incorporation for the WMC. Conclusions of the study indicated that incorporation was unnecessary, and offered no advantages against liability. Worries about lawsuits, etc., precipitated the inquiries. It was decide not to proceed.

Dr. W. Wilson, Editor of the Mineralogical Record, was the after supper speaker at the WMC Annual Banquet.

Walker Mineralogical Club had the long field trip to British Columbia, which started at Hope and ended at Kimberley. Alan Ingleson of Calgary was guide. Bev and Mars Mikell, Brian Pelley and Court Saunders organized.


During May, Dr. Gorman conducted a “Geology Weekend”. The weekend served to spend time looking at the geology of the Norwood-Tweed and the St. Clare River Syncline areas.

Dr. J. Tuzo Wilson was the speaker at the WMC Annual Banquet, speaking, of course, on continental drift. The banquet was held at the King Edward Hotel.

Prosper Williams was speaker at the September meeting. About 90 members attended to hear Prosper’s talk on African Minerals.

WMC conducts a field trip to areas in Ontario and Michigan, including; Sherman Mine, Cobalt, Matachewan, Sudbury, Markstay, Sault St. Marie, Bruce Mines, Thunder Bay, Houghton, Michigan and Marquette. J. Mitchele collected a 70 pound copper nugget at Isle Royale #5 Mine which, sitting upright resembles a duck!

ROM Mineralogy Gallery scheduled to be closed. WCM and the public lobbied unsuccessfully against what turned out to be a catastrophic event for the earth sciences community.


There were a number of members that served on the Council during the 1980s or helped out at the Club including: M. Back, L. Balig, Duke & Barb Burton, E. Brummer, R. Campbell, M. Charlton, J. Chyrski, D. Dixon, J. Dykstra, J. Eidt, B. Fulcher, J. Galt, G. Henderson, N. Henderson, D. Joyce, M. Joyce, R. Hainsworth, M. Irwin, E. Kauppine, L-A. Kennedy, Dr. J. Mandarino, R. Marsh, A. Meyers, B. Mikell, M. Mikell, J. Mitchele, T. Ottaway, R. Paluch, J. Parmeggiani, B. Pelley, J.C. Potvin, A. Rachlin, R. Ramik, W. Riddolls, C. Saunders, M. Schreiber, E. Somogyi, T. Steede, S. Szilard, Heinz and Hildegard Weltner, M.L. Williams, S. Wilson, S. Wiseman, and R. Yeoman,


Descriptive Mineralogy course was presented by Dr. D. Gorman, long time member. This course was a two part course and members of other clubs were welcomed.

Dr. J. Mandarino was appointed Honorary President of the WMC (again!).

WMC sets up a display of Minerals from Ontario in the ROM temporary display case to promote the WMC and field collecting.

October meeting: Dr. J. Mandarino speaks on the Yukon Phosphate localities. The ROM staff had recently visited the sites and were instrumental in determining the mineralogy and geology, including many species new to science.

Dr. George Robinson was the after supper speaker at the 1980 Banquet. His topic was “Collecting in the Grenville Geological Province”. The banquet, held at the Ontario Science Centre was very successful.

Dr. J. Brummer has article “Agate Collecting around Lake Superior” published in the February issue of Lapidary Journal.

Dr. D. Gorman and Prof. J. Gittins lead a field trip to the Bancroft/Madoc area. The purpose of the field trip was to study geological features of the area.


A display is set up in the ROM, featuring specimens from the collections of members of the WMC

The WMC holds an “Open House” at Harbourfront. The function was designed to draw attention to earth sciences, field collecting and the lapidary arts.

Louis Moyd, Curator Emeritus at the National Museum of Natural Sciences, was guest speaker at the annual banquet. He spoke on “Optical Phenomenon in Minerals and Gems” and set up exhibits from the National Museum.

Dr. John Westgate presented a lecture on the eruption of Mt. St. Helens, located in southwest Washington State. Everyone present was given a sample of volcanic ash from the volcano!

Dr. J. Brummer had an article “The Story of Grant Waite, Canada’s Foremost Amateur Lapidary” published in the April issue of the Lapidary Journal.

The week long field trip was to Quebec and New York State.


Dr. D. Gorman accepts the appointment of Honorary President.

The long field trip was to Otter Lake, Gatineau Hills, Kazabazua, Parker Mine, all in Quebec, and the Greely quartz locality, near Ottawa.

WMC held a two day show at Harbourfront called “Mineral World”.

The popular “Dinner with the Speaker” started. This time enabled members of the Walker Club to visit with guest speakers before the meeting, to get to know them a little better (and vice versa!) and, hopefully, to help the speakers feel a little more relaxed. The time started out named “Social Hour” then “Dinner before the Meeting” and THEN “Dinner with the Speaker”. We carry on this pleasant tradition and, as then, all members are welcome.

The Banquet speaker was Prof. Guy Perrault who spoke on the unusual minerals of Mont St.-Hilaire. He ended the talk with a game – showing slides of various minerals which the audience had to identify. Apparently, the members did very well!


A set of 30 crystal models was purchased for the University of Toronto to help in undergraduate courses in mineralogy. The acquisition was significant in that it was the
first time the Peacock prize had been used for something other than a bursary for students of mineralogy.(True?)

Field trips were organized for Coboconk, Ontario, Ogdensberg, New York area and the stretch between Renfrew and Bancroft (Bathhurst Twp. spinel, Smart mine, Silver Queen Mine).


The WMC put on a Crystallography Workshop/Symposium at Hart House, U. of T. This event consisted of a series of lectures and workshop sessions, over the two day event, conducted by Dr. Joe Mandarino and Prof. D. Gorman.

The Peacock Prize is increased to $500 to be awarded every second year.

After supper speaker at the WMC Annual Banquet was Dr. Cornelius S. Hurlbut Jr., Prof. Emeritus of Mineralogy at Harvard University and one of the authors of Dana’s Manual of Mineralogy. (Topic?)


Dr. C.E. Michener lectures at the October meeting, almost 40 years after he first addressed the WMC in 1947. (Topic?)

Dinner with the speaker, a popular pre-meeting event, started occurring regularly at the Lucky Years restaurant.

The popular “Mini-auctions” were started and held regularly during Walker Club monthly meetings. The mini-auction involved the auctioning of three quality specimens to WMC members and guests attending the meeting. This event preceded the guest speaker and usually involved some lively bidding as well as humourous moments and served to loosen everyone up. The proceeds of the mini-auction are saved and, annually, a cheque for several hundred dollars was presented to the ROM to be put towards the earth sciences gallery. Will the mini-auction continue to be held after the ROM gallery is
constructed...some day?

Another Symposium was held, the same weekend as the annual Banquet. The theme of the Symposium was minerals and their geological environment. Lecturers were:

Dr. J. Mandarino Mont St. Hilaire,Que. and related Deposits
Dr. G. Robinson Mississippi Valley Lead-Zinc Deposits
Ms A. Thomas Pegmatites
Ms. J Richardson Greisens
Mr. M. Back Mineralogy of Calcite Vein Deposits, Tory Hill,Ont. area.
Mr. G. Layne Skarns


Annual Banquet. Guest speaker was Dr. Carl Francis of the Harvard Mineralogical Museum (Topic?)

Dr. G. Robinson, Associate Curator, National Museum of Natural Sciences, and Violet Anderson, long time Member of the Club, were made Honorary Members.

Memberships were $15 per year.

Harbourfront Show was held for two days at the York Quay Centre. The show featured demonstrations, displays, dealers and lectures. The Show involved the participation of many clubs but was sponsored and organized by the Walker Mineralogical club,
lead by Alan Rachlin.

Dr. D. Gorman lectures at the WMC, again. Topic: “Some Old, Some New and some Unusual Uses of Minerals”.

The department of Mineralogy and Geology was split into two departments for administrative convenience. Dr. F. Wicks was Curator-in-charge of Mineralogy with Drs. Gait and Mandarino in charge of the Gem and Mineral collections respectively.


Harbourfront Show was held again and was very successful.

The WMC annual long field trip was conducted to the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Sites visited included Orford Nickel mine, Domlim Quarry, Asbestos area, Lac Nicolet, Black Lake and, of course, Mont St.-Hilaire.

WMC celebrates its 50th anniversary!

Annual Banquet featured Bill Pinch as the after supper speaker. He spoke about selected specimens from his collection and stories surrounding the building of his collection. This
was around the same time that the National Museum had purchased his collection to substantially fill out the National’s collection.


The annual WMC banquet at the Royal York Hotel featured Dr. D. Gorman as the after supper speaker. His talk centred on “Mineralogical Reminiscences”.

April meeting. WMC member Dr. J. Mandarino spoke on the “Making of a Book”, an outline of the story behind the book, “Monteregian Treasures -The Minerals of Mont Saint-Hilaire”, co-authored with WMC member Violet Anderson. Vi was on hand, as
well, so that they both could sign copies of the book. World famous photographer Eric Offerman was on hand, as well, and gave a talk on “Collecting minerals in the Swiss Alps in the Early Times and Now.”

Dr. J. Mandarino spoke to the club again in September on the work of the Commission on New Minerals and New Mineral Names. Memorable in his talk was a slide in which all presently known species of minerals were listed...all on ONE 35mm slide!

WMC holds a Mineral Symposium featuring speakers Dr. J. Grice, G. Haineault, J. van Velthuizen, B. Wilson, D. Joyce, M. Back and I. Kennedy.


The Council of the WMC has been dynamic in this decade. It has been composed mostly of people who volunteered for their jobs and who have been glad to give of their time to make all of the various events undertaken by the WMC actually happen. Council members so far in this decade include: Bruce Aitken, Malcolm Back, Len Buchanan, Chris Fouts, Liz Fodi, Kyla Fodi, Bruce Fulcher, Charles Gould, Robert Hudyma, Dave Joyce, Mary Joyce, Bev Mikell, Mars Mikell, Brian Pelley, Alan Rachlin, Steve Szilard, Tony Steede, Arthur Zinaty, and Sinikka Barker.


WMC Annual Banquet Steve Chamberlain, from Rochester, NY, was the after supper speaker. He spoke on “The Mineralogy of New York State - Interesting Questions and Unresolved Questions”.

WMC takes its annual long field trip to Manitoba. Ten members of the club and one observer from the Canadian Museum of Nature visited the Ruttan Mine, Snow Lake mines, Thompson Mine, Tanco Mine and Dumbarton mine. The trip was very productive and a number of excellent specimens were collected.


WMC annual banquet, held at the McGill Club, featured Joel Bartsch, of the California State Mining and Mineral Museum. He talked about “Gold and the History of Gold”.


WMC annual field trip was to the eastern townships of Ontario, including an incursion into Quebec to visit the Mont St.-Hilaire quarry. As well, visits were made to Matilda Lake, McLaren Mine, Bathurst Spinel, Sharbot Lake, Crawford barite location and Long Lake, all in Ontario.

A new commercial show called “The Toronto Gem and Mineral Show” is held for the second year. The WMC decided that it would be a good place to recruit members and so set up an information booth at the show.

The first phase of the Viola MacMillan Mineral Gallery opened at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa. The WMC was listed amongst the list of donors to this project.

WMC annual Banquet is held at the McGill Club with Quintin Wight as the after supper speaker. His topic was “The Beauty of Mont St.-Hilaire”.

ROM opens a “temporary” display of minerals from the ROM collection designed to assist with fund raising efforts for the new Earth Sciences Gallery. A number of “open house evenings” were held by the ROM to draw attention to the display.

The Canadian Post office issued stamps commemorating minerals showing photographs of minerals from the Geological Survey of Canada - National Collection. Two of the specimens were collected by WMC members Dave Joyce and Dr. George Robinson.


Walker Mineralogical club donated $1,300 to the ROM to be used to purchase a display specimen, hopefully for the gallery. The ROM did purchase a specimen, a beautiful Amethyst from Guerrero, Mexico.

Gavin Henderson, member, was made a member of the Order of Canada in recognition of work he has done to establish Federal Parks over the years.

Annual Banquet was held at the Chelsea Inn. Joe Nagel, Curator of the M.Y. Williams Geological Museum at the University of British Columbia was guest speaker. His talk was called “Earthly Delights” and was an unorthodox (for a WMC banquet!) presentation linking aesthetics, nature and minerals.

Dr. Charles Mitchener was inducted into the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame.


The Walker Club Annual Banquet was held at beautiful George Brown House and was catered by R. Hudyma in a manner to fit the surroundings...Elegant! The after supper speaker was W. Boyd who spoke on Diamonds from Russia.